Notes for Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity  (in progress indefinitely)

Download here. These are my condensed notes for the book Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity by John Baez and Javier P. Muniain. I’ve rewritten the book/notes in a very condensed definition-theorem-proof format, and added proofs for most of the exercises. A side effect of adding so many proofs and exercises is that it’s only shrunk by about 66%. I’ve skipped lots of repetitive exercises (uniqueness theorems of anything linear, etc). Pointing out of any errors, major or minor, are encouraged. (Typesetting temporarily on hold.)

Classical Mechanics Problems

Download here. Classical Mechanics numerical programming projects, made for Lakehead University’s Classical Mechanics I and Classical Mechanics II courses. The purpose of these problems is to try and illustrate that not all problems can be solved analytically, and to teach Mathematica. Finding interesting problems at the appropriate difficulty that matched course content turned out to be very challenging and gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of new physics as well. Emails containing complaints and errors are encouraged. Projects include

  1. Year 2: Coupled Oscillators
  2. Year 2: Kapitza’s Pendulum
  3. Year 2: Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
  4. Year 2: Restricted 3 Body Problem
  5. Year 4: Field Theory, Sine-Gordon, and Korteweg-de Vries
  6. Year 4: The Toda Lattice and Hénon-Heiles
  7. Year 4: The Standard Map
  8. Year 4: The Logistic Map

Some of the problems are modified from other work, but to avoid making solutions easily accessible to students the references have been removed from this version (and notation changed throughout). Please contact if references are required.

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